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What we do

To be commercially successful, everything starts with market research. Amstel Lab partners with your startup or scaleup to help with sales. Using the unique Amstel Lab method we analyze markets, refine your products, create commercial strategies, do sales and customer service, and recruit and train permanent staff for your organization. Off the back of our own experience and a network of the world’s best specialists, we create commercial success for you and your company!

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Our products

Step 1


Market Research

Our Market Research service is the ultimate way to find out what your potential clients think. We offer full insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your company and your products and pinpoint the exact space your company occupies in the market. Use the market research results to become the best version possible of yourself and see your financial revenue increase! The price for this step starts at € 7500,-

Step 2


Product Refinement

Having products tailored to the exact customer needs is every salesperson’s dream. Our product refinement services offers just that. With the market research report in hand, several sprints are set up with your future clients to shape and polish your products to their specific wishes. Through your refined products you will reach more and better customers, ensuring sales results that last! The prices for this step start around € 15000,-

Step 3


Develop a Commercial Strategy

Nothing beats having an all encompassing plan, this step covers that. You can rely on us to develop a commercial strategy for you that includes: sales pitches, a marketing approach, a customer service plan, which sales channels to approach and how, and a pricing strategy. We give you the map to success. Will you take it? The prices for this step start around € 7500,-

Step 4


Execute the Commercial Strategy

Imagine having a crack team for sales and customer service. They are fully trained, implement solid durable processes, and should anyone leave a replacement is recruited quickly and swiftly onboarded. Clients love you. Your numbers are up. All you do is focus on the next big thing. With this step, you kick back and see imagination become reality! Prices for this step are tailor-made but start around € 150.000,-

We believe that if you go through steps 1-3, the exploration phase, you are ready for step 4, the execution phase. After having completed each step, your company will be set to take care of itself.

After you have completed all the steps with Amstel Lab, we will always be available for more support in the form of further recruitment, training, and general business development. If you are interested in this, please schedule one of our specialists.​


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About us

Any good idea is worth seeing through. What better way to do that than to get the right people in the right place executing the right strategies? This is what Amstel Lab does for you. We test your markets, refine your products, strategize your commercial approach and execute. All with the best specialists available in the market. This means that you can focus on developing your company and sales will take care of themselves. Amstel Lab partners with you to maximize results for all parties involved. Off the back of our experience in commercializing startups and scale-ups, we have developed the unique Amstel Lab method. This method, a series of set processes, trainings, and evaluations, is our sure fire way to achieve success. Even though our method is universally applicable, by partnering with you, we develop a tailor-made approach for every project. We keep you in mind at every step and through you, better serve your clients.

The team

Amstel Lab consists of a core team and a diverse network of specialists. In our core team we have project managers, market analysts, consultants, and document specialists. In our network we have the best: business developers, product developers, growth hackers, marketeers, direct sales specialist, account managers, inside sales, customer services representatives, and managers of all kinds.


As a startup ourselves, we are continuously looking for the best (freelance) specialists in market analysis, product development, growth hacking, business development, sales, customer services, and project management. If you are interested in joining us on this exciting journey, please contact us with your LinkedIn profile, contact details, and CV on: [email protected]

Keep an eye on this space for the latest vacancies around any upcoming projects that we aren’t able to staff ourselves.


For any questions or inquiries, please use our contact form.