How We Have Built the Dream

This is it, the first post! A true tell-all that will give you all the knowledge you need to prosper. At least enough to relate to so that you too, with a minimum of effort, can build your own dream in very short time. If only.. right?

Four years ago, I had three friends that to most were seen as, one by one, exceptional in their fields. Together we spanned a dream team skill set: marketing, growth hacking, direct sales, business development, customer service, recruiting and training. We envisioned ourselves as an A-Team that would fly in and help young organizations by offering them exactly what they would need to succeed in their early growth. Unfortunately, we all took different paths and I sat on the idea for 2 years.

Until one day the idea came back to me and wouldn’t let go. I contacted one of the guys, but as I had expected everyone had moved on. The A-team had been disbanded. Being a solid recruiter with an, in no way narcissistic, firm belief in my skills, I thought: I can do this alone and recruit the people I need. So, Amstel Lab was legally born on the 28th of December 2017. A day that will live in infamy…

My first mission? Hire someone. My second mission? Find my clients.

It’s been almost 1,5 years. I’ve collected a small team of super stars and we have worked on launching. This blog posted means we have launched. We are at the start of the dream becoming reality. What happened?

We studied our potential clients. We did this through online research, speaking to people, going to network events (like Angel Island), and by going with our gut.
We’ve developed products, tested the products by launching them in our target client groups as trial, and we refined them.
We’ve developed a strategy on how to contact our clients, what our pitch should be, how we penetrate the market and what market segments to focus on first.
That strategy is now slowly being implemented.

With everything trialed and developed, we are a bit like a pristine shiny new shop unlocking its doors for the first time. We are building up to a formal launch event and taking on assignments where they come in the mean time.

We will keep building and changing and refining, because the dream will keep evolving. Even though I am grateful for where we are now, I believe we can always improve. We will continue attracting top talent, and continue to develop young potential talent. We build networks of specialists and give them the assignments of a life time, every time. And our clients we help achieve more than they ever dreamed of.

Amstel Lab is just starting out and will continuously shine as we polish it again and again. We wax on and wax off, to let Amstel Lab amaze you.

We practice what we preach. If you would like us to support you in developing your dream as we did ours, feel free reach out to me or my colleagues any time or come to one of our upcoming meetups.

Rogier Zevenbergen, Founder Amstel Lab

May 2019