You might have noticed that Amsterdam’s streets have become rather crowded. Sure, it is largely due to tourists trying to get run over by beautiful Dutch girls on beautiful Dutch bikes, but there seems to be an other group of people on the rise: The Entrepreneurs.  There is a common belief that entrepreneurs are society’s daredevils with enough balls to follow their dreams, give up their boring corporate careers and create cool jobs in even cooler places. They are the ones brave enough to trust their guts and to wear swim shorts to work. After all, it is summer in Amsterdam and in this city we do not know what AC is.

But what characterizes successful entrepreneurs? How do you recognize this interesting species in this city packed with international visitors? Here’s a guide to distinguishing Amsterdam’s entrepreneurs from its tourists.

1. They Are Eager to Know the Unknown
Entrepreneurs seem to be more open to new experiences than normal folks. Tourists are too, of course, but then again entrepreneurs will probably have something better to do than queueing for the Heineken Experience on a random, rainy Sunday. They are curious at heart, open to a wide array of perspectives and they are willing to take risks. 

2. They Take Responsibility
Entrepreneurs seem to believe that only they are in control of their own fate. This implies that they understand that important outcomes related to success or failure are the direct result of their own actions. In other words, they take responsibility and do not hold their environments accountable for any potential problems that arise.



3.  They Are Creative
Even without mushrooms, the entrepreneurs can get the imaginary parts of their brains pumping. Regardless of the industry, the true entrepreneurs will be driven by their creative forces. It is about the ability of the brain to generate concepts that uncreative people call “out of the box”. Been there, done that.

4. They Might Persuade You to Do Things
Bringing their ideas to life involves persuading other people. Investors and co-workers require a certain dose of persuasion from time to time.

5. They Help Each Other Out
Although the Amsterdam start-up scene is quite large, the city is still small and so are its co-working desks.  As such, chances are, entrepreneurs accidentally spill 

coffee on fellow entrepreneurs’ desks/shirts/computers and get to know each other in the process; the perks of discomfort. Naturally, this provides for a great opportunity to share knowledge and expertise, which is also stimulated through concepts like Meet-Ups or Seats2Meet.

6. They Have High Self-Esteem
High levels of self-esteem are likely to be found in successful entrepreneurs. This means that entrepreneurs often feel capable and comfortable handling various situations and people. And if they do not, they know how to mask it. Chin up, shoulders back; they know how to power pose.

7.  They Are Extremely Direct
The Dutch are known to be rather blunt and honest people in general and the entrepreneurs tend to reinforce this stigma. No shit Sherlock, welcome to The Netherlands.

8. They Do Not Walk On the Bicycle Lane
No they do not. As opposed to tourists, Amsterdam’s entrepreneurs actually cycle on them to get to those cool offices, co-working spaces, you name it. Did you know that cycling is a great way to keep the brain healthy as pedalling increases the brain’s ability to grow and restore itself?

9. They Do Not Carry a Selfie Stick
Instead, entrepreneurs carry a notepad, occasionally a MacBook and a secretive smile.

10. They Are Achievement-Driven
Google any entrepreneur and the first thing you will find is some award he/she has won. Why? They love  to win and will go out of their way to enable the right SEO so that you will find out about it.

At the end of the day, it is all about synergy. It is a matter of moving forward, of going places in an efficient, Dutch way. Tourists and entrepreneurs will continue to dominate the city streets of Amsterdam, some on the bike and some underneath the bike. What a lovely city, is it not?

Missing anything? Feel free to add on! 

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