In today’s society, health seems to be high on our agendas. We are replacing normal cappuccinos by soy milk cappuccinos,  unanimously agree to only eat meat once a week and we bump into a fit girl on every second corner of the street. Great. The only problem we face, is that we work in an office, behind a computer, sitting on a chair. Consequently, our workstyles might not be in line with our desirable, healthy lifestyles. What to do? Here are 10 quick tips!

1. Walk the Talk
Scheduled a meeting? Replace the boardroom for the fresh air and go for a walk outside. Walking meetings are becoming more and more popular and that is not a surprise. Walking stimulates blood circulation which in turn stimulates energy production. 

2. Ditch the Chair
The standing desk is here and your physiotherapist might love it as much as you do. Why? Sitting less will take away several common types of pain such as (lower) back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. On top of that, working behind a standing desk is likely to boost your mood, productivity and alertness.

3. Leave the Car at Home
In Amsterdam we already understand this point, because almost everyone cycles to work. But perhaps try to walk to work once or twice a week (if you are not in heels). The rainy days are perfect for this, since walking in the rain will keep you a lot drier than cycling the same distance in the rain.

4. Walk to the Coffee Machine Yourself
When your ever so kind colleague asks if you want another coffee, don’t reply by saying “yes please, you are amazing” but propose to walk with him or her. Experts claim that walking for two minutes every hour helps to reverse the negative effects of sitting too much. So if the coffee machine is too close, it might also be an idea to move it to the other side of the office or to move it one floor up.

5. Work Hard, Play Harder
Get a table tennis table if you don’t have one yet. Did you know that a normal adult will burn almost 100 calories by playing only 15 minutes of ping-pong? Apart from that, it is extremely refreshing to get your mind completely off work for a while, which will in turn boost productivity.

Short for: bring your own lunch. Let’s face it: at 1pm everyone is more hungry than they expected they would be at 7am. As a result, getting lunch at an external location might be tempting. Be ahead of this temptation by bringing your own food.

7. Drink Your Coffee Sugarless
Chances are you are consuming several coffees a day and you tell yourself that you do this to increase productivity. In fact, one of the first things most people do when entering the office is getting one. If you use sugar, simply stop using it. It is a habit and habits only take 21 days to get rid of. Easy peasy.

8. Ventilate Away
Fresh air is underrated. Open that window, open internal office doors because we might not be able to see fresh air and ventilation, but we sure feel its effects. Fresh air helps people to think better and has positive effects on productivity and overall health.

9. Stairway to Heaven
Don’t take the elevator, take the stairs! So easy, yet so effective. Taking the stairs has shown to be an effective workout for your entire lower body including glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. Use the stairs, skip leg day, save time.

10. Hydrate
Ask Secret Santa for one of those fancy water bottles and put it next to your computer all day. This way, you will automatically start drinking more water. Hydration has significant, positive effects on brain function and energy levels and helps relieve constipation. Lovely.

Do you have more tips to increase a healthy workstyle? Feel free to add on! 

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