Hi again, we are Amstel Lab. Our name already highlights our love for the thriving startup hub of Amsterdam we call home. Amstel Lab pays a tribute to the historical river, The Amstel (tried swimming in it yet?), running through the city’s beating heart. The Dutch capital is recognized as one of Europe’s most booming startup ecosystems, leading as the no.1 Challenger Hub and 4th most active startup hub in Europe. Here are seven reasons why Amsterdam in the perfect city to get your startup up and running.

Quality of Life
Want to live the good life? Come to Amsterdam! Amsterdam ranks extremely high on quality of life. Cost of living is relatively low, Dutch people have a great work-life balance and Amsterdam offers a ton of culture. History, sightseeing and restaurants a plenty just outside your doorstep. Sometimes it can even be sunny. What else to wish for?   

Talent Hub
In one of our earlier blogs, we pointed out that having the right people on board of a startup, is one of the key ingredients for success. Amsterdam offers just that. The city is known to attract global and local talent alike. The presence of promising and international-oriented talent is a leading reason for investors, companies and startups to settle in Amsterdam. In addition, level of education ranks high in The Netherlands and the government supports the attraction of foreign highly skilled migrants.  Amsterdam specifically leads the path for Tech Talent.

Don’t speak Dutch? Not to worry! Over 90% of the Dutch speak English, which is also the leading language of business for most companies and startups. As long as you know the meaning of “lekker” you will be perfectly able to get by. We suggest you ask a random person in the pub for its meaning.

Ease of Doing Business
Doing business with a Dutchman? Easy peasy. The Netherlands ranks no.4 worldwide in ease of doing business.

It has one of the most open economies in the world and leads the way in technology, infrastructure and innovation. Additionally, the Dutch embrace commerce and are known to be very open and tolerant people.

Government Support
The Dutch government and Amsterdam municipality go out of their way to boost the startup scene through several startup initiatives. An example is StartupAmsterdam, a programme which fosters  innovation and sustainability through entrepreneurship. On top of that, registering a new business is very easy, with plenty of tax deduction schemes (hooray!) to attract both national and international entrepreneurs.

Attractive Investment Destination
Amsterdam is not just a popular destination for tourists. Banks in Amsterdam have attractive lending policies for startups, but it is also a booming capital for financial capital from Angel investors and venture capitalists. 76% of startup investments in The Netherlands are for Amsterdam based startups, and 53% of funding comes from foreign investors.

Rich Startup Scene
Finally, Amsterdam is a startup paradise thriving with startup events, accelerators and startup hubs such as Rent24, B.Amsterdam, TNW Conference and Amsterdam Capital Week, to name a few.

As much as we love to tell you about our startup lifestyle, it is probably best to experience it first hand. Come join us in Amsterdam and meet up with us near the Amsterdam Dam! Get to know more in our Dutch Startup Scene series over the coming weeks…

About Amstel Lab
Amstel Lab partners with startups and scaleups to commercialize your business. On the back of our experience, we have developed the unique Amstel Lab method: a tailor-made approach to maximize success. We test your markets, refine your product, innovate your commercial approach and execute your strategies. Any good idea is worth seeing through. 

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Anneloes van der Steenstraten & Sterre Bisschop

Anneloes van der Steenstraten & Sterre Bisschop