Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get this out of the way. Many PowerPoint presentations are just like children; only the creators think highly of their way too animated end products. Yet, Microsoft estimates that there are about 30 million PowerPoint presentations being created every single day. This means, unfortunately, that there is a staggering number of poor PowerPoints being brought into this very minute. Time to turn things around. Why? Having a great PowerPoint can be an extremely powerful tool to strengthen your presentation. Here are 10 golden PowerPoint tips that will help you win over your precious listeners, instead of moving them to tears.

1.Think Before You Act
Before you get all enthusiastic and randomly decide on that bright purple template, think about the story you want to convey. What is the purpose of your presentation? What kind of people make up your public? How many details do you want to show? The answers to such questions form the framework of your PowerPoint and should therefore be reflected in your set-up, structure and layout. 

2. Break the Ice
It may sound like something you were forced to do in your high school Geography presentations, but use an attention grabber at the very start of your presentation to draw your audience in. This can be in the form of a question, an anecdote or an animating visual. First impressions are still key. 

3.Mind Your Text
Your listeners are called listeners for a reason. They came to listen and not to read your story word by word. Naturally, words are welcome in your PowerPoint. However, this should be limited to keywords, with a maximum of five per line and a maximum of five lines per slide. This will visually make your slides more attractive.

4.Commit to One Style
And one style only. Naturally, this point is about your layout. So, if you decide on a certain colour scheme, font or text size, make sure you apply those consistently throughout the entire presentation. This will not only make your PowerPoint more attractive to look at, it will also make you as a person come across as more professional and structured.

5.What You See Is What You Get
Visuals are extremely important. We simply cannot highlight this enough. Studies show that people remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. We suggest you use this statistic to your advantage.

6. Consider Your Colours
Although you might be tempted to use a certain colour scheme that you personally feel comfortable with, this might not always be the wisest thing to do. Colours are known to awaken feelings in people, so you might just as well try to control those feelings, to a certain extent. Think about whether you want to be associated with warm feelings (yellow, orange tones), or want to keep your message more cool and business like (grey, blue tones). Also, hard colours might come across as aggressive, whereas softer tones might soften your message accordingly. 

7. One Idea, One Slide
Make sure you do not overcomplicate your slides by dedicating one topic to one slide. This will benefit your presentation’s structure and therewith increase the chances of your audience being able to follow you. 

8.Get Griddy
Two important objectives of any PowerPoint should be to show information in a visually attractive way and to display it in a clear way. As such, grids are your friend. Think about the margins, columns and gutters (a.k.a. blank spaces between columns) you consider suitable, and again, use those consistently throughout the various slides. 

9.Less Is More
However interesting your story is, avoid overdoing it. Remember that friend who endlessly shows you pictures of his or her baby? The first few pictures you might actually enjoy looking at, but after a while you have to try your utmost to make your “aahhw’s” sound genuine. Don’t be that friend. Keep your presentation short and sweet. Being concise is an art. 

10. Finish Like a Boss
Don’t say: “that was it.” Do say: a catchy line that summarizes your story in an original way that will be remembered. Again, try to support this line by a great visual to really make the essence stick in your audience’s minds.

Do you have any other tips that helped you deliver a great presentation in the past? We would be happy to hear your perspective. 

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