Amsterdam’s Upcoming Startup Events You Want to RSVP For

As the year is coming to an end and we are slowly entering the festive season, there is a ton of events being organized in Amsterdam’s startup scene. So why not end the year with a valuable lesson, a useful connection or a little party? We put together a list of startup events that you’ll want to RSVP for today. 

Event: Amsterdam Tech Job Fair Autumn 2019
Date: 20 November 2019
Location: Software Improvement Group
Link: click here
If you have anything to do with tech, you might want to pay attention. The Amsterdam Tech Job fair offers the opportunity for developers, designers, marketers, data scientists, analysts, recruiters, you name it, to come together and make valuable connections, right in the thriving heart of Amsterdam’s business scene: the Amsterdam Zuid As. 

Event: European Women in Tech Conference
Date: 26 & 27 November 2019
Location: RAI Amsterdam
Link: click here
Ladies, this is your chance to make a difference in Europe’s tech scene. Join a powerful network of influential and inspiring women in tech, by participating in insightful workshops, deep-dive sessions and endless networking opportunities. Among the 200+ speakers, are some very interesting names.

Event: Onboard Amsterdam
Date: 28 November 2019
Location: Kromhouthal Amsterdam
Link: click here
If you’re into HR, this event might be interesting for you. With over 1,000 experts in the field, this is a great opportunity to learn about future trends in HR and the employee journey. The announced speakers, a.o., work for Swapfiets, Zoku, Heineken, Tony’s Chocolonely and Classpass. 

Event: B’s Unforgettable Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
Date: 13 December 2019
Location: B Amsterdam
Link: click here
It is becoming a tradition for B Amsterdam to invite the whole startup community in, to bond together over a gluhwein while wearing hideous Christmas sweaters. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? The more, the merrier, so sign up now. This is going to be a fun one. 

Event: Crowdfunding Your Business — How to Crowdfund a Product or Service
Date: 17 December 2019
Location: TBA (Utrecht)
Link:  click here
In need of capital and considering crowdfunding? Research shows that it is an extremely effective way of finding funding. During this meetup, experts in the field will share their success stories and provide you with the necessary tips and tricks.

Event: Chinese incubator talk, about what China, the incubator & government can offer!
Date: 13 February 2020
Location: A’Dam & CO (18th Floor)
Link: click here
Yes, this one is not until February, but hey, it’s better to find out too early than too late about this event. A Chinese incubator is coming to Amsterdam, to look for Dutch startups and scale-ups, focused on blockchain. So, if you are in blockchain, this is your call. 

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