How to Behave at the Office Christmas Party

“It’s the season to be jolly. But how jolly exactly should you let yourself be?”

As the air is getting frosty and your ugly Christmas sweater is trying to get your attention from a lost corner in the closet, it is time to prepare for the one and only real festivity of the year: the office Christmas party. This annual event could be compared to that mandatory visit to your grandma; you either love it or hate it. Whatever category you fall into, you know you should go and that you should behave. But…how much do you drink? What do you wear? How do you talk to your office crush? All examples of simple yet crucial questions that could make or break the night. After all, you don’t want to go down in office history as “the naked guy”, but you don’t want to be that boring, sober person who left at 10 pm neither. So yes, it is the season to be jolly. But how jolly exactly should you let yourself be?

Glasses or Bottles?
Let’s start with the element that in some cases has done more harm than good: alcohol. Yes, it is called a party for a reason and yes that means that you should totally let your hair down. Sharing a few sips, dance moves and good laughs can do wonders for (potential) bonds between you and your coworkers. However, you do understand that you will need to set foot in that office again the Monday after, right? So by all means, drink champagne, wine, beer and Jagermeister, but please, for the love of God, not in excess. As such, it it probably wise to take some appropriate measures beforehand. If you know the food is going to be limited, make sure to fill your dear stomach up. Whether you do this with some fine turkey or a simple kebab, anything will probably do, as long as it contains carbs and doesn’t cause excessive garlic breath. All food aside, you probably know how much your body can handle, so make use of this valuable knowledge throughout the night. 

That Cute Colleague
If you are one of those people who have an office crush, don’t worry. You can’t help it either that there are beautiful people who decided to work in the same building as you. What you can help, though, is if and how you are going to deal with your wish to give voice to these warm, inner feelings towards Susan from Marketing. If the feelings are mutual, you will probably have noticed by now. So please, there is no need to draw any attention to your desperate desire for love by performing Romeo & Juliet’s balcony scene (or any similar rituals). However appropriate it might seem in the heat of the moment, please, please think twice. In addition, if you are successful and find that you and your crush are down for a little snug underneath the mistletoe, you might want to be discreet and make sure that you don’t have an audience. Again, this will simply make things easier on Monday. 

Sparking that Conversation
At the very beginning of the party, you might be confronted with awkward silences. Isn’t that wonderful news? People will still be sober, don’t really know you and also don’t really know what to talk about. A few tips:

– Avoid work-related topics
Introduce yourself if you don’t know the person
– Find common ground (sports, hobbies, love for food)
Make sure others can join your little conversation
Escape to the toilet or bar if the conversation is absolutely depressing and find colleagues you know are fun 

In terms of talking to the CEO or other influential people, get friendly but keep in mind that they are the ones fueling your bank account every month.

Bearing all this in mind, we trust you will have a marvellous time at your annual Christmas party. From our office to yours, we wish you wonderful days and lots of genius ideas for the new decennium. 

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