Running a startup is not easy. Convincing investors, managing a team, arranging proper lunch – all examples of activities that take up more time than you generally have. As such, staying on top of everything is hard. Thank God there are other startups out there that offer great tools that will make startup life more bearable. We put together a list of 10 essential tools that will make 2020 more efficient, organized and fun.

Where would we be without our good old friend Slack? Slack probably is the most popular communication tool among teams. Although you might have been using it for a good while, chances are you are unaware of some of its awesome features. For instance, did you know you can message yourself, to avoid that you forget things? Or, if your team is really into GIFs, try out the /collapse command to only see the important messages. Also, if you and your team are in need of a break, try one of Slack’s super fun games, such as Gamemonk, in which you have to come up with as many examples of a certain category in just 60 seconds.

2. Trello
Are you the messy type? Then Trello is what you need. This project management tool creates a board filled with cards. To every card you can add comments, upload files, create checklists, you get the idea. Is you have a lot on your plate, Trello will support in keeping a good overview on your different projects. 

3. Invision
This prototyping tool created by designers offers great opportunities for, surprise, designers. But it does more than that, actually. Invision also offers a central place for your design projects, so that it will be easy to keep track of them and to create a mockup that can in turn be shared with clients or team members. The fact that big names such as Airbnb, Salesforce and Netflix actively use Invision, only demonstrates its potential. 

4. Gust
Gust supports startups in connecting to the startup ecosystem, by helping them getting their hands on and managing money. As such, they offer access to startup accelerators, help in the application process of raising funds from angel investors and they offer equity management support. As you probably experienced first hand, fundraising is not the most fun part of managing a startup. So having a tool like Gust might not be a bad idea. 

5. Momentum
Momentum is an app designed to replace your homepage and it kind of functions as the friend you need when you are feeling lost and lonely. Momentum greets you by name, with inspiring pictures and quotes. 

It informs you about the weather and allows you to add your to do’s to your homepage. All in all, it eliminates distractions and provides your with focus and positivity. 

6. Sidekick
Ever wondered why that person you sent that assertive e-mail to is not responding? Get to know Sidekick. This e-mail add-on allows you to see whether people have opened the e-mails you sent them, how many times they did so and from where. As such, it can also be extremely powerful for seeing how effective your marketing campaign or newsletters are.  

7. 99 Designs
If you are in the early phases of your startup and you are looking for a great logo or landing page, look no further. 99 Designs makes the process more fun and professional than ever. You will be asked to fill out a design brief, you pay for a package and then the best part is set in motion: you launch a design contest. Wait what? Yes, a design contest. Designers from all over the world can participate in this contest, competing for the winning design, which will be picked by you. 

8. Typeform
Doing market research and having problems getting responses? Try out Typeform. This free tool turns boring surveys into beautiful ones, which are a lot harder to ignore by your potential respondents. As such, without any extra effort, Typeform supports you in creating awesome, mobile-friendly surveys that can unlock valuable feedback.

9. 7-Minute Workout
Short of time but in need of inspiration? You probably can free up 7 minutes right before lunch. 7-minute workout is an app that stimulates you to stay fit and focused, by offering 12 exercises of 30 seconds with 10 breaks. You don’t need any fancy props, a chair and wall will do. 

10. Due
Oh, how much fun it can be to chase after payments! Luckily there’s Due. This app lets you keep track of who owes you what, when it is due and therewith provides a very clear financial overview. Additional features include the option to set up recurring invoices, accept credit card payments and customize invoices. 

Which tools are your favorites? We’d love to discover them! 

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