6 Ways to Boost Customer Engagement

"Engaged customers account for 23% more revenue than “normal” customers."

Whether the customer is king, is something that can be questioned. What can not be questioned, however, is that customer engagement should be on top of your 2020 agenda. Customer engagement is generally defined as the emotional connection between the customer and the company. And, although that might sound vague and dreamy, customer engagement is actually rather important. Engaged customers buy more, promote your product or service and drive loyalty. So much so, that engaged customers account for 23% more revenue than “normal” customers, according to recent Gallup research. Yes, that means that you are missing out if you are used to taking customer engagement with a grain of salt. Luckily, we are here to help and put together several ideas that will help turning your customers into engaged ones in an instant.

1. Start Analyzing the Customer Journey
What better way to know what your customers are going through, than having a clear, well-laid out customer journey? So, get into the shoes of your customers, take their journey and critically take note of every touchpoint. Do your newsletters add value or have they become a monthly, spam-generating habit? Do you respond to reviews? And are you doing that well? Are you actively following up on e-mails? Is your staff friendly and professional enough? Every touchpoint represents an opportunity to get closer to your customer, you might just as well make use of that.
2. Deliver a Consistent Omnichannel Experience
Having analyzed your customer journey once more, it probably becomes apparent that you are using numerous channels to interact with you customers. Physical locations, websites, e-mails, blogs, phone calls, social media, you name it, it is important that, regardless of the channel, the experience is consistent and seamless at all times. This might sound straightforward, but very few companies actually get this right in practise.

3.Get Witty on Social Media (But Not in Excess)Social media provide endless opportunities for interacting with your customers. Make sure your content is in line with your brand, that you actively ask for customer input and respond to this accordingly. Doing so in a sassy way is fun and will probably be appreciated. But, don’t cross the line; that will do more harm than good. Below is an excellent example of how Razer went a little too far when it attempted to put Apple in bad daylight when the 2016 Macbook Pro was released without an SD drive. An expensive joke. 

4. Be Prompt in Your Communication
People in the 21st century are impatient. I mean, aren’t you? 42% of customer reaching out to a company through their socials expect a return within 60 minutes. A delayed response is almost as bad as no response. If you are unable to attend to your customers’ needs within those 60 minutes, at least make sure they get an update stating when you will take care of them. People expect to be told what to expect.

5.Don’t Be Pushy
Customer engagement should be a natural flow of interaction between company and customer. This means that customers should not be forced into it. The company creates the opportunities and offers its services, but it is up to the customers to respond to this and actually make use of those services when he or she feels the need for it.

6. Monitor Your Reputation Score
Reputation scores are becoming more and more important determinants for customers to consider your brand and to even find you. Guess what? Most reputation scores are largely driven by customer engagement. Therefore, make sure that you aware of the kind of reputation scores that apply to you and how they affect your business accordingly. 

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