Amsterdam’s Upcoming Startup Events You Want to RSVP For

As the days are slowly getting longer, so is the Amsterdam startup agenda. So why not prepare for spring with a valuable lesson, a useful connection or a little party? We put together a list of startup events that you’ll want to RSVP for today.

Event: Amsterdam Career Days 
Date: 2 – 6 March 
Location: WTC Amsterdam 
Link:  click here
This event is actually aimed at students, as VU university and UvA university collaborate to help their students navigate their future careers. It is mostly meant for students with a background in accounting, business administration, econometrics, economics and finance. So if you are looking for talent, you might want to get involved. 

Event: Moonshot Fest 2020 (hosted by B Building Amsterdam)
Date: 5 March 2020
Location: Johan Huizingalaan 763a ground floor & café restaurant Bureau
Link: click here 
This event celebrates entrepreneurship and so all entrepreneurial spirits are invited. The theme is the human side of tech, which sounds interesting, doesn’t it? There is a full programme, featuring interesting speakers, live podcasts, panels and (after)parties. Tickets are very affordable (€ 74.50), so you better claim yours fast! 

Event: Chinese incubator talk, about what China, the incubator & government can offer!
Date: 2 April 2020 (might be rescheduled due to, well you know, Corona)
Location: A’Dam & CO (18th Floor)
Link:  click here
A Chinese incubator from Beijing will come to Amsterdam, on the search for startups and scaleups, especially those involving blockchain. There are only 50 spots, so you might want to RSVP. 

Event: Appril Festival
Date: 22 & 23 April
Location: Pathé de Munt
Link: click here
This event is centered around mobile business, new technologies and app development. The speakers are all part of a nationwide platform and includes visionaries, app publishers and tech professional that have interesting insights to share. 

Event: Emerce NEXT 
Date: 26 May
Location: Beurs van Berlage 
Link:  click here
Emerce NEXT is all about the newest technologies and its applications in business, media and society. There will be tons of game-changers talking about coding & development, big data & analytics, artificial intelligence, Growth Hacking, smart cities, augmented & virtual reality, gamification, 5G technology, blockchain & cryptocurrency. 

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